Ya devi sarva bhooteshu matru roopena samsthita
Namastasyai namastasyai namastasyai namo namaha

Dashami: Mother

She is power. Energy. Strength. Life force.

She creates. She generates.
Her grace is our redemption.
She rages. She rises to act.
Her fury has one consequence—destruction.

I am strong. Political. Engaged.
When I care, I animate.
When I am angered, I decimate.
I am she. Sa’aham asmi.

She is abundance. Fortune. Happiness. Granter of wishes.

She gives. She guards.
Her blessing is our sustenance.
She is temperamental and will not rest.
Her alienation leaves one bereft.

Abundance and good fortune rest with me.
I give, I take care, I guard.
I cannot stagnate and must keep moving.
I am she. Sa’aham asmi.

She is enlightenment. Learning. Expression. Wisdom.

She illuminates. She empowers.
Her gift is what we know.
She is remote. She challenges.
Her elusiveness deprives life of meaning.

I learn. I write. I think. I express.
What I know, I teach.
To know me is not easy.
I am she. Sa’aham asmi.

In every minute of every day,
I know I am a fragment of hers.
In me, reside all her qualities—good and bad.
I hold within all of her powers.

The boxes into which I contort our essence
And the limits I place upon us,
constrict me and insult her.
Sa’aham asmi. I am she.

And to show her that, I must be her form and essence
In every minute of every day,
In every situation I find myself,
In the face of every challenge or request.
Sa’aham asmi. I am she.

I will draw myself up to our full height and girth
Physically, morally, intellectually, passionately,
Giving not a whit less, or of less quality.
In my words and my actions, she will be seen
Because sa’aham asmi. I am she.
In all my actions she will be
Because sa’aham asmi. I am she.

Namastasyai namastasyai namastasyai namo namaha.

October 5, 2003

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