This page hosts links to those of my research publications that can be accessed online, to published articles, web resources and other essays created in response to ongoing events and finally, to essays that record my reflections on professional issues.

Selected Scholarly Publications and Conference Papers

The Dravida Nadu Experience: Security, State-building and Secession from a Peninsular Perspective
Security Dimensions of Peninsular India,
Centre for Security Analysis, Chennai, India, March 22-23, 2004.

"Conceptualizing Security, Securing Women"
National Seminar on Challenges to Peace and Security in South Asia: Emerging Trends,
University of Madras Department of Defence Studies, Chennai, India, February 19, 2004

"Research, Policy, Reality: Women, Security, South Asia"
6th Sustainable Development Conference,
Sustainable Development Policy Institute, Islamabad, Pakistan, December 2003.

Of Militants, Martyrs, Nations and States: Kashmir and Sri Lanka
Swords and Ploughshares, Volume XV / Number 1 / Summer 2003.

Secularism in India: Accepted Principle, Contentious Interpretation
In William Safran, ed., The Secular and the Sacred: Nation, Religion and Politics, Frank Cass, London (2003).

"An anatomy of the Sri Lankan Conflict"
Sri Lankan Conflict at the Crossroads,
Fundacao Oriente, Lisbon, Portugal, June 2002.

Re-building Afghanistan: Lessons from South Asia
Seminar, February 2002.

Internal Unit Demarcation and National Identity
Nationalism and Ethnic Politics, Volume 5:3-4, Fall and Winter 1999, pp.191-211.

National Integration in India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan: Constitutional and Elite Visions
Nationalism and Ethnic Politics, Volume 3:4, Winter 1997, pp.1-38.



The Importance of Studying Sri Lanka

Why Autonomy Demands Are Valuable Opportunities

Beyond Mahiyangana

A Non-violent Response to Violence: A Speculative Essay

Re-building Afghanistan: Lessons from South Asia

The LTTE Proposals and Sri Lanka's Peace Prospects, November 2003.


Electronic Learning Resources Created

Contextualizing the Events of September 11 and Thereafter, September-November 2001.

Alliance for Lifelong Learning, Learning Guide on India-Pakistan conflict, January-February 2002.

On Events in Gujarat, March 2002.

The Iraq Question, February-March 2003


Media Articles

Sri Lanka: Politics, War and Peace,” National Review, Vol. I No. 3, December 2003.

Ilankai: Amaidhi Thodara India Yenna Cheyya Vendum?
(In Tamil; Translation of "Sri Lanka: Can Peace Be Seized From The Jaws Of Conflict?”) Thisaigal, December 2003.

"The Maldives: On the cusp of change?" National Review, Vol. 2, No. 9, September 2004.

"Stirrings of change in Maldives," Deccan Herald, October 24, 2004.

Subconsciously, Self-consciously Subcontinental
The Swarna Rajagopalan Column on
Selected Links

Towards the turning of the tide

A Report Card for March 8th 2005

A Season of Political Change in South Asia
Part I: Nepal
Part II: Bhutan
Part III: Maldives



Ruminations on Morality, Ethics and International Relations

Insider / Outsider: Incomplete Reflections

The Semester of September 11th

Understanding Security

At Bottom, A Simple Choice: Means or Ends?


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